A Collector Finds Us

The Bergen County Quilt and Coverlet Show received an email from Adam Brown a few weeks ago saying that he had a collection of Bergen County coverlets. He asked if we were interested. His family is astounded that anyone else shares this "strange" obsession! We certainly do.

Following up, we found that he owned examples we hadn't found elsewhere. One has trumpeting Revolutionary War soldiers parading among the chickens and flower pots.

This is our photo set-up at the Schoolhouse Museum.

We had our last photo session on Tuesday, December 15. It was a marathon day: we photographed 13 items from four museums and two individuals. Some were last-minute contributions like Adam's and others were items that needed re-photographing. Entry for the exhibit is closed and we are working on the exhibit catalog. Of course, we'd like to hear about any Bergen County quilts or coverlets out there, but, unfortunately, we won't be able to photograph or display them. We've selected over 100 items for the show and can't wait to share them with you.

Peggy W. Norris

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