Anthea Luter wins Raffle

Anthea Luter bought the winning ticket for "Liberty," a cross-stitched, hand-quilted Bicentennial quilt. She is a long-time Ridgewood resident and has been a member of The Women Gardeners of Ridgewood since 2000. Anthea is a quilter and appreciates the handwork and was very excited to win the quilt. Luter writes, "I am still in awe that my ticket won this beautiful handmade Liberty Quilt, Circa 1976. More than anything, I appreciate the many hours of time, love and work that went into creating this precious piece. It is a treasure!"

Anthea Luter with the raffle quilt. Photo by Marion T. Brown

Anthea Luter, raffle winner; Renee Watson, ticket seller; Peggy Norris, Chair of the Show

Photo by Marion T. Brown

Renee Watson sold Anthea the winning ticket and said with a big smile, "I hope your ticket wins!"

Sheila Brogan and Renee Watson selling raffle tickets on October 2.

Congratulations, Anthea.

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