Brackman on Birds, Pomegranates, and Spiders

Quilt historian Barbara Brackman has written four articles on the chintz fabric used in the Hinsdale Tree of Life Quilt from the Mahwah Museum for her blog "Material Culture." (See our last post for more about the quilt from the Mahwah Museum.)

Birds, Pomegranates and a Spider for Lunch #1

Birds & Spiders #2: Quilts with Provenance

Birds & Spiders #3: More Tree of Life Quilts

Birds & Spiders #4: The Fabric & Conclusions

She identifies multiple quilts using this chintz design produced from Massachusetts to Georgia, all in the tree of life design. This provides a rich context for the Hinsdale Tree of Life quilt.

Peggy W. Norris August 7, 2020

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