"New" Bergen County Album Quilt

The Ackerman-Birdsall Album Quilt was made about 1868 by the Bergen County friends and relatives of Abraham A. Ackerman and his wife Margaret Harrison (who lived in New York City and East Orange, NJ). We found the quilt after the publication of Stitched and Woven, but George Cleveland, the owner, has graciously allowed us to borrow it for the show on October 1 and 2.

The quilt is in the class colors of green and red with touches of orange, yellow, and teal. Details on flowers and birds are embroidered in silk or cotton floss. The names are embroidered, inked, and stamped. We are proud to be able to hang this with the other three album quilts shown in the exhibit catalog.

Block by Chattie M. Banta, featuring reverse applique in the "leaves"

We hope to see you at the Show.

Peggy W. Norris

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