Pheasants and Palms: Oh, My!

This quilt with its circular stars is from the private Dater family collection. Jaws dropped all around when we hung this at the photo shoot this week.

It is made from two colorways of the pheasant and palm chintz, popular in the first half of the 19th century. The background chintz is printed on a tan ground with colors of pink, yellow, and green.

It is in good overall condition, but has had the original edge covered with green manufactured bias tape. The diamonds in the star are made of the same print with blue on a pink ground.

There were two small pieces of the background fabric pinned to the back. It's unclear where the pieces came from. We thought they might be from the original binding, but they show remnants of quilting stitches. The back of the quilt and the quilting do not indicate that the quilt was cut down. The mystery remains for now.

The yellow is especially vivid on this scrap.

To learn more about the Pheasant & Palm chintz see Barbara Brackman's blog, Material Culture:

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Plan on June 11 and 12 of 2021 to see this and other quilts and coverlets at the Bergen County Quilt and Coverlet Show.

Peggy W. Norris September 23, 2020

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