Meet the Bergen County Quilt and Coverlet Show Team

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Five members of the Ridgewood and Upper Saddle River Historical Societies are planning the Bergen County Quilt and Coverlet Show. Kay and Peggy first met in the summer of 2018 to discuss their vision. Plans started coming together in the Spring of 2019 and since that time we have visited 10 museums interested in participating in the Show.

Peggy Norris is a retired librarian, co-historian for the Village of Ridgewood, a member of the American Quilt Study Group and the Brownstone Quilters Guild, and a quilter and genealogist. She has been studying quilts since the 2017 display of quilts at Historic New Bridge Landing by the Bergen County Historical Society.

Kay Yeomans has been involved with the Upper Saddle River Historical Society since its founding in 1977, and is presently Vice President and Curator of the collections at the Hopper-Goetschius House Museum. Kay is expert in design and layout of publications and will be using those skills for the production of the Bergen County Quilt and Coverlet Show Exhibit Catalog.

Dacey Latham, a retired school librarian, is past president and trustee of the Ridgewood Historical Society, where she has been involved for over thirteen years. She has extensive knowledge of the museum collections and has worked with Vicky on the exhibits at the Schoolhouse Museum. Her extensive ties in the community are valuable in getting community support for the Show.

Vicky Herbert, Vice President of the Ridgewood Historical Society. She has been Curator and Designer of the last three exhibits at the Schoolhouse Museum and her next exhibit, A is for Artistry, opens in March. Vicky has used her skills to become a textile conservator, responsible for the extensive textile and costume collections of the Society.

Marion Brown has been involved with many Bergen County historical organizations over the past 20 years and is currently on the Board of Trustees as Treasurer at the Mahwah Museum Society. She has served in many capacities at various museums in Bergen County including interim director of the Hermitage, curator of exhibits, archiving collections of artifacts, documents and photographs and researcher. She is an award winning professional photographer and loves to quilt. .

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