The Show, 2021, Part 2

The Bergen County Quilt and Coverlet Show was held October 1-2, 2021, in Ridgewood, New Jersey.

In the days preceding the show, we accepted delivery of quilts and coverlets, worked on signage, and hung the coverlets in the Schoolhouse Museum and the quilts in the Education Building of Old Paramus Reformed Church. Joe Suplicki, a member of the committee, designed special hanging racks for the coverlets. They were mounted on the trellises used for museum displays.

The prototype constructed from PVC pipe. We hung a quilt and a coverlet for the last day the museum was open to the public.

We were able to start preparing the museum on September 20. The exhibit was taken down; the walls were bare and the vitrines were covered. The participants dropped off quilts and coverlets which were logged in and stored in tagged bags until they could be hung.

Dacey Latham and Diane Mateo log in a coverlet from the Mahwah Museum. It was important to have a registration system for every item and a safe way for handling the quilts and coverlets.

Joe Suplicki hanging a coverlet.

This photo shows the coverlets hung. Labels are attached (with tiny clothespins). The stands await the explanatory signage. The coverlet exhibit was almost ready to open, but this room was also the staging area for all of the quilts.

We had about 10 days to hang the coverlets, but we had one day to hang the quilts. On September 30 the quilt show was installed in the Education Building of the Old Paramus Reformed Church.

At 7 am Drape Kings arrived and installed the pipe and drape system from which we hung the quilts. Some initial glitches resulted in a few last-minute revisions to the planned layout. The volunteers arrived at 10 am and worked in teams to hang the quilts once all the changes were made.

Volunteers were critical to the success of our Show. We had 70 volunteers over three days. They were members of Ridgewood Historical Society, Upper Saddle River Historical Society, Brownstone Quilters Guild, and a few random friends.

By late afternoon the Hall and the Parlor were ready for opening the Show the next morning.

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